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Drawing Through The Bible


Genesis Illustrations - start here
Drawing Through The Bible


I bought this ESV journalling Bible in 2015 when I was attending Millar College of the Bible. I wanted to start drawing in the margins as a devotional practice, and so a project of epic proportions commenced! I would love to draw all the way through the Bible someday.

I started a Patreon account to allow people to join me in my faith-based art projects. Right now I'm working on an Indian style animation project, but once it's done I'm going to continue on with more Christian art projects. Perhaps I'll get to work on this Bible drawing project more regularly after I'm done with my current work! If you want to become a patron of my Christian art, please visit my Patreon page!

In the meantime, please check out my Genesis illustrations. I hope they are interesting to you and give you a new appreciation for the content of Genesis!

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