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Amy Carmichael's Dream

Written by Amy Carmichael & Illustrated by Kyla Wiebe

I was deeply influenced by Amy Carmichael's Dream when I was in Bible college. I was part of a drama team, and we did a performance where one of the girls read the dream transcript as a monologue. Every time she delivered her lines, I was moved to tears.  It turns out that God used her words (as well as many other signs and prompts) to call me to missions. After I graduated I went almost immediately to Taiwan to serve with Create Int. Taiwan, a YWAM mission. Create International's goal is to reach the remaining unreached of the world. They create contextualized media resources that proclaim the gospel.  Who would have known that Amy's story would prompt an artist like me to serve God as an artist missionary! Her art begat more art in me. I would encourage any other artists out there to see your art in an eternal context. What impact will we leave on the earth? Amy's impact was to cry out on behalf of the unseen lost and lonely.  If creative missions interests you, please check out or You can serve God and the world with your talents! Think about it. You have something worth giving. 

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