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I am passionate about using my artistic skills in obedience to Jesus. Part of that simply means striving for excellence in my craft. Part of it means being part of a team of likeminded artists who create resources for unreached people groups and train other artists to do likewise. Here's a brief description of what I do, plus some ways you can get involved! 

Using art for missions

I serve with a YWAM Team called Create Seeds. Here's the breakdown of how we fit in YWAM's structure:


YWAM's vision statement is:



Create International is a YWAM ministry. It's goals are to:


  • PRODUCE an indigenous evangelistic audio-visual tool for every one of the Least Evangelized Peoples.

  • BROADEN strategic partnerships with the Body of Christ to maximize impact and results.

  • ACCELERATE proven techniques and strategies through innovative training programs.

  • DISTRIBUTE indigenous Gospel presentations among targeted unreached peoples using 21st century technologies.


(past ministry)

There are several teams that serve under Create International, including a team called Create AniMissions, which I worked with from 2016-2019. Create AniMissions focuses on using animation to communicate the good news of Jesus Christ where it has not gone before.


(current ministry)

I now serve with a team called Create Seeds, which focuses on producing creative arts to reach unreached children with the gospel. Here, I illustrate children's books for the unreached, and also help train others to grow in their artistic skills and use them to share the gospel with people who may never have had a chance to hear it before!

Join me!

Learn More:

If you want to keep up to date with what I'm doing with Create Seeds, please consider being part of my newsletter! This is different than my blog in that I keep it ministry-centric and always provide up-to-date prayer requests.

Use Create's resources:

Create International has many resources for unreached people groups. If you know a missionary who serves on the frontiers, or if you are going to be part of a missions trip to an unreached people group, visit Create International's site to browse resources or email me directly and I may be able to connect you to the right resource.

Financial Support:

Create Seeds needs support every once in a while for things like sponsoring one of our students, or to fund the printing of a children's book. Contact my leader Myra if you feel led to support Create Seeds. 

If you want to support me personally, click the link below and use the code WK11 to send funds directly to me. 

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