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My art background is in contextualized media ministry to unreached people groups. I love using my artistic gift to communicate the gospel of Jesus Christ, and have created a Patreon community to accommodate my continued endeavours to do projects that align with that vision. Check out how you can become involved with these projects, here!

Kyla's Christian art ministry - contextualized art evangelism, art for Jesus, art patreon

Partner with Kyla to reach Hindus with the gospel through contextualized animation. She is creating pattachitra style assets in a series of 7 short animated clips about the good news of Jesus.

Create Taiwan creates contextualized animation to reach unreached people groups with the gospel

Check out the projects Kyla was a part of while working with YWAM from 2016 to 2019: Last Hope, Prisoner of Hope, Ellei, No More Tears, Life After the Earthquake, and Coconuts.

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