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A family reunited

Genesis 46-47

April 19, 2024


I tried to include the correct amount of boughs and branches in the family tree to correspond with the account of the sons of Jacob… but honestly I might have made some mistakes. If you feel inclined to count all the branches and then compare with the text… be my guest! But if not, just trust that that’s what my intentions were. ;)

I find the anecdote about Joseph coaching his bros about how they ought to describe themselves (keepers of livestock, not shepherds) a bit strange. He’s like, “tell them you keep livestock, but NOT that you are shepherds, because that’s yucky to Egyptians.” Then they’re like, “Hi, Pharaoh! We are shepherds.” but then Pharaoh is like, “cool, have this prime real estate, and also if you have anyone who can take care of livestock, please let me know.”

I guess it goes to show that Joseph was still his father’s son - trying to protect his family with some trickery. But the reason the line of Israel ended up being so blessed was never because of how carefully they chose their words or how well they decieved kings and Pharaoh. It was because God was true to his promise. So telling Pharaoh the truth about being shepherds really wasn’t a big deal, Joseph. Chill out. Don’t be embarrassed by your sheepy heritage.

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