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God has sent me before you to preserve life

Genesis 45-46

April 17, 2024


The last time I finished an illustration for Genesis was four years ago! So I felt quite nervous picking this up again. I had the pleasure of realizing that my skills have grown and developed during this four year Bible illustration hiatus, and some things did come easier to me.
I’m happy with this illustration, but I can feel the old yearning to improve my skills: lighter, better defined inking lines, and likewise a more clear/light application of colour. For example, I find that the second panel’s lines are too thick and clumsy, and the colours are too muddy.
Oh well! On the other hand, I can feel how I’m better equipped to handle these learning curves. The slow, steady journey towards actualizing my artistic goals continues on!

Favourite verse from this page: “it was not you who sent me here, but God.” I love seeing Joseph’s heavenly perspective on his situation, here, despite obviously wrestling with how to deal with his brothers.

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