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What I did today:

So, another weekend is almost DONE!

Oh, well.

Today was very nice. Had church, which was good, and then we went to Central for food. I had DAHL! I MISS INDIAN FOOD all of a sudden. Really, it’s just so good. And naan is like, the most amazingest thing in the universe. OK, enough about food. 🙂

When we eat at Central, recently there has been an art gallery set up where we chow down. Usually the art is rather disgusting and morbid, or perverted and just, well, not very well done art. But today there was a surprise! Three distinctly Christian-themed paintings. And well done ones, to boot! I was so excited! It was a dramatic contrast to the creepy fish man with the awful clown smile, and the paper painting. (which was pretty cool, I must admit) I thought it was worth mentioning. Well done, you Thai guy who is talented in art and is also a Christian. I commend you!

After supper we went to Tapei Gate again, for a nice stroll. I had the opportunity to eat bugs, but guess what? I totally chickened out! Shame on me! There were big ones, and small ones, and ones that looked like worms. It all looked rather too much for me. I WILL DO IT, though. (later.)

Tomorrow we find out where we’re going the last half of our sojourning, here. I’m so excited to find out! Wow!

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