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Fundraising and visas… fun stuff!

Hello all!

So today I got a project done that I was dreading: I cut and folded fifty cards that I will be selling to raise funds for our trip on outreach. On the cards are prints of pieces of art that I have lovingly and painstakingly scrawled, costing me much blood, sweat and tears. Which is why the price is so darned great! The cards are 30BHT each, except for the bigger ones with the heart on them, which will be 40BHT. A set of two would be 50BHT. Extra donations always accepted, of course! Every little bit counts.

Speaking of donations, check out my “support sky” page on my blog here! We have a week to raise half of our funds, which is about $1400 each. I personally am covered for that amount, but I urge you, if you feel lead to give, to give to my team mates. Not everyone has enough.

This was all brought up today as we were figuring out how much our visas would cost (Americans have a “special fee” of an additional 1000BHT, for some reason. I guess the visa people think that Americans are all “special” enough to pay an obscure extra fee for their visa. Haha. Glad I’m Canadian!) I sure don’t like filling out forms, I tell you! What a pain.

Pray for us that we get all the moolah we need for the end of the week! It will be a miracle, indeed, when we do!

Thank you very much.

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