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Under the Influence

“I want you; I want you so ba-aa-aa-aaaad…”

I wonder if the Beatles had any idea when they wrote the song I Want You ( that someone would later sing it in worship to God. Today, during class, we asked the Holy Spirit to give us His power, and it was a very releasing, awesome experience. I am excited to see what God’s going to do in my life. Could it be that I become someone who is so filled with the Holy Spirit that merely being close in proximity to me would bring healing? That before I enter a house, it could light up in anticipation to receive the God that lives in me? That I could have the power to even conquer my own self? That I could teach people things that I have no understanding of, in a language I have never heard before? That when I get up in the morning, Satan would writhe in pain because he knows I know that I have authority over him, and that I’m out to foil his plans in confidence, because I am a child of the Living God, and I have no fear!

I desire greatly to be filled over the brim with the power of the Holy Spirit. Steve gave us a good link about the Holy Spirit and what receiving Him means.

Here’s a basic summary:

Receiving Power:

The Holy Spirit is the gift of the Risen Christ. Have you obeyed the command to be filled with the Spirit? It’s available to every child of Christ who is willing to meet these conditions:

1. Honesty: Do you really want the Holy Spirit? Or do you just want power for yourself?

2. Cleanliness: Are you in dead earnest to be used by God? Before you go looking for power from the Holy Spirit, make sure you’re in harmony with His will, and that you are willing to repent of sins that keep Him from you.

3. Gift: The Holy Spirit is neither earned nor deserved.

4. Obedience: We don’t need to be afraid of power that comes from God. God gives us good gifts and knows what we can and cannot handle. Thank goodness.

The Holy Spirit showed up today in our classroom, because we asked. Not because we deserved it, or because we earned it, but because He loves being close to His children!

Awesome, totally awesome.

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