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There is probably nothing better than the experience of playing violin with new strings after playing violin with fraying strings for two months. The sound is so… superior to what you’ve been experiencing for so long. The tone is so clear, when before it was muddy. The new strings make it so much easier to play well. The violin almost seems to play easier, as if it were thankful to you for giving it a new voice. Perhaps it was tired of it’s old one. The violin I’m playing now is called Carmen. It’s the violin we bought in Malaysia when I was living there. My bow’s name is Rhapsody.

I’m actually not playing my violin. My violin is at home, being played by my wonderful brother, Colson. My violin’s name is Caprice. She was bought on ebay a few years ago, because mom liked the engraving on her back. She’s a century violin, I believe, and when we got her she was in grave disrepair. Once she was fixed up, though, she was beautiful. Unfortunately, she’s a bit too old to make a trip to a country that has such a different climate than home. So she and I are separated for a season. I’m happy she’s in such good hands, though. And I’m happy to say that I am treating Colson’s usual violin, Carmen, with love, and am spending time with her during the week.

I’m so happy that I’m able to continue doing violin here. I’ve played violin my entire life, and last year I stopped for a while, and I felt like I had abandoned a part of me, and I was really guilty about it. But now that I’m here I’m playing so much more, and wanting to play more, too. I’m very pleased with this. I know that I have this gift for a reason; that is to worship God, and bless people. Music truly soothes the soul, and connects people in ways that are astounding to think of. It’s the closest thing to telepathy that I think we normal humans can experience. For example, when an orchestra is really in the zone, each person sways to the music in sync with the other, and you can sense what’s going to happen and how people are feeling as you play. The orchestra becomes one body, with one goal and purpose.

There’s nothing like it.

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