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Waterfalls and Worship

This weekend was amazing! On Saturday we had a great fun excursion to a waterfall. It was so beautiful and it brought out the child in all of us. I loved watching my friends scream with glee as they dunked their heads under the falling water, and watching them race up and down and all around. I did too, which I’m rather regretting now, because my thighs are in such pain I can barely walk down stairs! My going-down muscles aren’t used very much, I guess, but they sure got a work out at the waterfall!

On Sunday the worship team went to a lake to have our own service. It was a beautiful experience. We laid out a mat, sat in a circle and sang worship and praise. The eucalyptus trees smelled nice and the crickets sang with us along with the guitar. We shared communion and listened to Third Day’s Communion Song( ) After that I shared my testimony, which (I don’t know why) was a bit nerve wracking for me. Thank goodness for gracious listeners.

There is so much to praise God for! Left, right, and center He’s bringing people peace and showing them His love. It’s so neat to hear what He’s doing to us and for us this DTS. I feel so transformed! “Every day, in every way, I’m getting better and better,” to quote Chief Inspector Charles LaRousse Dreyfus.

After our nice church service, we went to the restaurant at the other end of the lake and ate. I had catfish, which was good, but boney. And I couldn’t really tell when the fish stopped and the variety of sauces ended. What I really enjoyed at the restaurant was the fact that we were sitting right near the shoreline, and I could throw food to the catfish in the lake. They’re such ugly fish! It was fun watching them swarm all over, with their whiskers sticking out of the water.

So that was my weekend. It was a good’n. This week we’re going to learn about the Holy Spirit! I’m so excited!

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