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This is all rather thrilling…

So today we went for a nice walk around the city at night. I had pizza for the first time in SO long! It’s very nice in Chiang Mai during the night. There’s lots of lights and people all over the place. The sidewalks are a bit of a challenge, sometimes. You have to walk around parked cars sometimes, and maneuver abandoned plant pots and bus stops and people riding their motorcycles. Also there are lots of low hanging foliage and  signs that Asian people have no problem getting under, but are rather an obstacle course for me!

Today you can see half of the rabbit in the moon. Did you know there was one of those? I always grew up looking for the face in the moon, but here people look at a rabbit! I just saw it for the first time today. I had never been able to detect it before.

Concerning blogging: I am not sure how this all works, and if I can automatically share my posts on facebook, or whatever. I’m on a learning curve here, so if you have any helpful suggestions to make my blog ALL that it can be, just gimme a shout!

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