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Well! I didn’t take a picture of when I ate a bamboo worm… But I did take pics of my squid that I ate. It was delicious! I was a bit disappointed that they cut it up for me to eat. it would have been such a better picture if I could’ve had it whole on a stick!


Much is happening in my life lately. We have been told our locations for the second half of our experience here, and our groups. I’m quite excited about my location. The place I’m going contains curry, naan, and sarees. First we’ll be staying in Thailand for a while, and then after that we’ll push off for lands unknown for about three months. What we will be doing there, I don’t know. The schedule has not been released yet. Updates when I’m updated will be updated to you.

Currently we’re still working on a coloring book for Hindu kids. I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed with it, because it’s a big job, (about sixteen pages) and now that we’ll be preparing for our other trip, this responsibility will overlap with that responsibility. You can pray for me, if you like, that I’ll not get too overwhelmed by all the different jobs that are going on at one time here.

Next week we’ll be visiting a waterfall! Also, our music team will be having a nice little excursion to get to know each other better. I’m preparing a wee little devotional talk. I’ve never done that before! I hope I don’t teach false doctrine. ha ha.

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