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Pray without ceasing

I was shown a very valuable link today in class.

It’s a site that you post prayers on and can have people pray for you from all over the world, or you can pray for other people from all over the world. If you’re ever stuck for something to pray for, just sign up to this here site! Seriously, you’ll never stop thinking of things to pray for, and you’ll never run out of people asking for prayer. I strongly encourage you all to check it out! I know for my part that I truly want to become a prayer warrior. This seems like a good place to start, besides my own life and circle of influence.

Also, another link that you might be interested in (especially if you’re interested in ending gendercide) is this:

We heard about the woman who started this organization in class today, too. In China there is a “one child policy” in which a couple is allowed to have one child, no more. Because of tradition, boys are preferred over girls. Therefore, there are millions of forced abortions because of the gender of the baby. It is such a crime! There are more than thirty million more men than women in China because of this. Girls don’t have value in this country! It’s weird to think, because in Canada it’s almost the opposite. Women have fought their way to the position of equality and even superiority over men in our western nations, but here it’s still a man’s world.

If you are interested, check out that site. It’ll be worth your while, even just to show you how things work in other parts of the world.

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