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Life in a Day

World view.

What is that? Well, how do you view the world? Does what you see of the world extend to the border of your country? Your region? Your town? What comes to mind when you think of the whole world? A planet full of… What? Do you see faces? Do you see a nebulous mass of humans vainly milling around aimlessly? Do you see a beautiful creation that is forever searching for God, and that God is forever drawing back to Himself?

One of my goals when I decided to do this DTS was to expand my world view. One thing you can pray for me about is that I fully realize that people have value. They are desired by God. Woah! You mean, not just ME?

You mean… There’s more to life than my little self-centered world?

There is SO MUCH GOING ON EVERY SECOND, and we miss it. Of course, we can’t possibly register all that info all the time. But I believe that we are called to care. Care about the world, and the people in it, and the animals and plants. Am I stepping on toes? I know that in my country it is very normal to think that my actions don’t affect anyone else. They are MY choices, and MY beliefs, and it’s none of anybody else’s business. But my goodness, can we ignore the fact that what I do MATTERS? It’s crazy! My actions affect others! WOAH!

The world is beautiful. It is also ugly. It’s a wonderful, amazing place, filled with beautiful things and ugly things. If you have an hour to spare, I’d encourage you to watch “Life in a Day,” which was a youtube project where thousands of hours of footage from hundreds of countries was compiled, all shot on one day, from many different people all over the world. It’s a bit disturbing at some points, but it’s a great view of all different ways of life.

It’s a well spent hour. Enjoy!

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