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“Anywhere, Any time, Any cost”

I didn't have any Spanishy looking things to wear, but it's missions conference! So wear ethnic things! This is my darling room mate and I in our ethnic garb. I'm wearing an Indian sari, and she's wearing a Chinese dress.

I didn’t have any Spanishy looking things to wear, but it’s missions conference! So wear ethnic things! This is my darling room mate and I in our ethnic garb. I’m wearing an Indian sari, and she’s wearing a Chinese dress.

Well, we just finished Missions Conference, followed by Day of Prayer. Missions Conference is a wonderful weekend when a bunch of missions reps come to our school with booths to show us what’s going on in the world, and there is a fun theme meal (This year was Latin) with drama and music. There were some great speakers this weekend, and our drama team helped out Unbreakable (a traveling drama group) do a play about Cindy Luu, a missionary in Vietnam. I like Missions Conference, because I think it is important as a Christian to be mission-minded. That means either committing to go as a missionary, or committing to send missionaries. Both are integral parts of being a Christian. I approached Missions Conference this year with an assurance that I am where I am supposed to be right now, and a peace that I don’t need to demand answers from God concerning my future. How relaxing! I remember reading (and/or hearing) someone say that oftentimes we think we have the right to be in on God’s plan for our lives. This is pretty silly, because it goes directly against an attitude of faith. I suppose the important thing for me right now is to be willing. And I really am willing to go wherever He sends me. I’d be really, really surprised if God called me to be a midwife in Africa… Or an accountant in a Muslim country… But I’m pretty sure that wherever he sends me (hopefully as an artist in.. Canada? Asia?) I will be able to be content. There were a few things that really stuck out to me this Missions Conference: One was a theme meal we had that hand an emphasis on orphans. Whenever I see a video about orphans or hear a speaker talk about orphans I get pretty choked up. It hits close to home, I guess. Another was the testimony of one of the speakers who, when she was about my age, attended a missions meeting where she received and signed a card that simply said, “Anywhere, Any time, Any cost.” Little did she know what cost she’d have to pay in the end. Turns out the cost was, well, everything. But, He is worth it, and He is worthy. (That was another thing that stuck out to me this weekend.) So, to sum up what I got out of Missions Conference was: “I am willing to go anywhere, any time, and at any cost. He is worth it.” How simple, eh? I suppose I will learn what exactly it will mean for me as my life goes on. But, as I have stated before, the best place to be is within the Father’s will. I hope I remember this when it becomes hard.

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