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“You can overcome any obstacle if you know you’re CALLED to reach the end result. If you are merely doing a good deed, or are only doing something because you like it, you will become easily discouraged. But to be called means that you have drive and purpose.”

That was a summary of a teaching on excellence by one of out teachers in DTS, Benny Prasad. It’s not an exact quote, but it’s the gist of one of the things I gleaned from him.  At the time I had no idea what I was called to do, and so I thought to myself, “Oh, wouldn’t it be nice to know my calling.” I didn’t like the idea of going through seasons of my life not knowing if I was supposed to be there or not.

The art world is so full of darkness. There is light and beauty there too, of course, but I think everyone would agree that it is predominantly worldly. Why do people do art? To show off? To avoid doing “real” work? To vent their weird, pent-up emotions? To make a mere pretty picture in an ugly, ugly world? To make money? (haha) Why would I do art…? What’s the point of being an artist? Am I doing it for myself or for God? All these questions are tumbling through my mind. My goal is to become excellent at what I love, and to use what I love to make the world a better place by communicating the Love of God. That’s my calling. Is my calling enough to get me through university without backsliding?


Please pray for me that as I’m learning the HOWs here, that the WHY will stick in my mind like glue, and last my entire life.

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