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Figure Drawing!

This week I got to live the dream. Well, maybe not THE dream… But MY dream. 😀

We started the week off with a lesson that I adapted from THIS blog entry: “My life, and a reflection on the art therein.”   I wanted my class to know a bit about me as an artist before I started telling them what to do. We quickly moved on to some basic, practical lessons on the figure, proportions, gesture drawing, portraiture, color theory, negative space, etc. I think that the most useful part of the week was when we all actually got to practice. We had three different volunteers come in to model for us, and on Friday we went on a drawing excursion to the Chiang Kai-shek memorial, which was very relaxing and fun.

I started off the week feeling a bit nervous. I know how to draw, but do I know how to tell other people how to draw? My students were very encouraging to me, and I have left the week feeling confident that I was able to impart some real practical points that will help them be better artists. I am excited to teach this more, in the future. I am also excited that these drawing skills that we learned this week will be able to be used to tell unreached people groups about The Very Good News.

I attached a little gallery of my sketchbook entries from the past couple of weeks. Enjoy!

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