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Calling for script editors!

Journey of Faith book cover

I have just finished writing the script for my upcoming webcomic, "Journey of Faith." But writing ain't done until you throw your baby to the wolves! (That's the technical term for editing amongst us writing-types) So I'm shooting out a request for anyone who would be interested in reading through my manuscript and giving me feedback about the story.

Here's the premise, to pique your interest:

Eleven-year-old Kara has written her first story, an allegorical adventure tale based on a very serious dream she had. As she reads it to her mom, dad and sister Liesel, the world of Journey of Faith unravels as Liesel gives unwanted criticism, introduces her own versions of the characters, adds jokes and generally ruins the whole vibe! Will Kara's story be able to survive this barrage of edits?

The story will take place in the real world as Kara and Liesel spar over the story, as well as the world of Journey of Faith, where Kara's main character and Liesel's main character both deal with challenges in their own unique ways.

background for Journey of Faith

When I was eleven I wrote Journey of Faith for a school assignment. I always wanted to do something with the story, but every time I tried to rewrite it or adapt it, it spiralled out of control. The original story couldn't stand up to my older point of view and always became overly dark and convoluted. So, it sat in my files and I would occasionally return to the characters and draw them out, wondering if Journey of Faith would ever become something I'd want to share with the world. It looked like it might never come to light until something happened last year.

2003 Concept Art:

My Journey of Faith

Last year, I asked God to give me some life direction. I became convinced as I waited and listed that he wanted me to pursue greater obedience in my art. Now, what does that mean? What does it mean for an artist like me to live by faith? The "Journey of Faith" I decided to embark on was to try making art from my heart and present it to the world. This is something I have never done before!

So far in my life, I have only ever finished projects for other people, for fun, or for practice. I had never committed to creating the stories that I cared about. I'd start one, then get distracted by something else, and in the end, nothing ever got written or made. I realized that if I didn't ever try to make at least one of my "heart stories" a reality, I would really regret it. I also realized that the reason I hadn't gone for it yet was because I feared the result of making something that was MINE. If I made art for others, it was easy. I just needed to try and obey their vision. If I made art for fun it was easy. When you do art for fun you are successful if you simply had a good time. But if I made art that was "obedient" to my own vision, the risk would be very high. What if people didn't like it? What if I couldn't communicate my ideas with clarity? What if I lacked the skills to pull it off? The result of failure would be shame.

2021 Concept Art:

A story for me, a story for you?

But, encouraged by my conviction that God had given me the freedom to take this route, I took the next step towards making my Heart Art. I wanted to write one of the stories that had been incubating in my heart, but which one to start with? I decided to start with Journey of Faith because it was a project where I could directly address the fear that I have about making the stories that I care about. It is a conversation between young, confident me (Kara) and older, fearful me (Liesel). Perhaps in writing this story for myself - encouraging myself to go for it, make the art, be brave!, I might also encourage another fearful creator to go for it and take their own step of faith in their art!

2023/24 Concept Art

So, if you'd like to be part of my Journey of Faith, please consider reading through my manuscript and letting me know if my themes are clear, my characters consistent, and my story interesting! It's seventy pages long, in a script format. Shoot me a message or an email ( if you'd like to take a look!

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exciting! can't wait to see your vision/expression/testimony in your artwork, kyla!

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