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The Noah's Ark narrative tells us a lot about God. At the beginning of the story, God says, "Every inclination in people's hearts is evil. If I am just, I must destroy the earth." At the end he says, "Every inclination in people's hearts is evil. I will never destroy the earth like this again." And so, he made a promise that the next time he reigned worldwide judgement on the world, he would point it towards himself.

Imagine a righteous warrior, aiming his war bow at his wicked enemy. Now imagine him having compassion for his enemy. Imagine his own son saying, "Shoot me instead. Give this wicked man another chance to receive grace." 

 The rainbow marks this promise: Jesus took a deadly arrow to his own heart for our sake because he has compassion for us and loves us! 


Keep this reminder of God's justice and mercy on hand in the form of a bookmark!


Dimensions: 2"x6"

Noah's Ark Bookmark

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