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What I used to want: My fictional reality

What I used to want: My fictional reality

My student work is to be a Library Gal here at Millar. This makes me chuckle because when I was young Librarian seemed to be the dreamiest of dream-jobs. This is because I was a book worm, constantly imagining myself in different roles. My world consisted of fairies, princes and princesses, battles agains dragons, adventure, amazing chases, tree-houses, talking animals, etc. etc. I though, “If I were to be a librarian, I COULD READ ALL THE TIME and always be in my dear little fictional worlds.” To my dismay I have found, however, that IT ISN’T LIKE THAT AT ALL! I am required to read the numbers on the spines of books on shelves in order to make sure they’re in order, dust, vacuum, check people’s books in, put plastic sleeves on books, “shush” people, and generally keep things neat and orderly. What a far cry from my childhood dream! However, I am not too disappointed. I shoulda seen that coming. 😀 My favourite duty is shushing people. The power! Mwaha! It also gives me time, once I’m done my duties, to do homework and write things, and listen to music. (on my headphones, of course.) I’m altogether pretty satisfied with my work duty.

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