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Upcoming events

There are a couple of art-related things that I'm getting pretty excited about!

  1. My "How to Draw from Life" classes start next week.

  2. I was invited to set up a booth at a market on Oct 27th! That'll be my first booth ever!

How to Draw from Life

My first class preparation time has worked out fairly well! I had set out to try to do three classes in MacGregor and one in Portage. However, due to not enough people registering for the Portage after-school class, and the MacGregor evening class, I had to cancel them. That's two classes left out of four classes. Not too shabby for a first try.

I'm really looking forward to stepping out into this new venture. I really hope to see my students grow in their abilities in the next couple of months. I also hope this venture will grow. I have a lot of other art class ideas in my mind. My end goal (so far) is that I'd be doing art classes a few times a week. My dream within the dream is that I'd be able to do this from my own quaint and cosy art studio one day. :D

If you had thought, "Wow I'd love to do a beginner's art class with Kyla! Oh no, it's too late for me now!" No fear! There are still a few slots open in my after-school class in MacGregor.

Marketplace at "Made to Sparkle" women's retreat

There's a Women's Retreat being held at the Newton Community Fellowship Church On October 27 and 28, which I'll be participating in a bit! I've got a nice little collection of paintings that I've been building for the past few years which I'll be selling at a booth at the Friday evening market. I'll also have postcard prints of the same art and some of my illustrated books. I really hope I'm able to sell some of my originals because they are meant to be hung on a wall and enjoyed, not to sit in storage with me. :)

My collection:

These artworks have also been for sale on my website for a while, so if you want to peruse them now you totally can! I hope you see something you like. :)

If you'd like to visit me during the market and support women in business, please come to the "Made to Sparkle" event and enjoy all the things we've got to offer, there! Registration closes on Sunday the 15th, so please don't wait. Here are the details for the event:

Looking forward to seeing you there!

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Matthew Ullrey
Matthew Ullrey
13 de out. de 2023

You may have to edit your Art For Sale reel with a big “Sold” sign on one of your pieces. 😋

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