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The pursuit of holiness Pt. 2

This video is called “Everything you think you know about addictions is wrong.”

This video is a valuable resource for us in how to respond to people who have addictions in their lives. (I’m not saying Canada should legalize drugs. haha.) Now personally, my addictions have never been one of the more dramatic ones like drugs or alcohol or anorexia or whatever. But I can see in my own life that the things that hold me in bondage – (I’ll just call them sins) have a main function of isolating me. When I indulge in one of my addictions, the result is that I feel sick. I feel like I put another brick in a wall between my friends and I (Though they probably would never know why I am grumpy or withdrawn). Most devastatingly, I feel keenly the wedge I’ve put between God and me.

At a different angle, I find that I’m most prone to sin when I’m alone. I know that I am responsible to carry my own burdens, and that when I’m alone I do need to practice self control. However, Christ mandated his followers to not only carry our own burdens, but to carry each other’s. (There’s a nice contradictory verse for you! haha) So here’s my request to you, my brothers and sister in Christ:

I am as good as perfect. What I mean is, if I were to die today my God would accept me with open arms because I’m in Christ. However, my goal now is to align myself with the perfection I’ve received as a gift. I don’t ACT like the holy child of God I am. So I will do my part to tackle my addictions, but here’s where you could help me (AND I NEED ALL THE HELP I CAN GET!): Please pray for me. Like the TED Talk guy said, it’s not always easy to be around addicts (sinners), and I am sorry for when I’ve been a bit of a terror. But he was right: we must keep loving each other.

So, here’s how you could love me very well. If you pray this prayer, I trust that God will take it and answer it.

“Dear Father, Kyla Wiebe needs your help in overcoming sin and temptation. She struggles with 1. Lust, and 2. Gluttony. (More on this later. 😛 ) Please help her by 1. Helping her to take captive her thoughts (2 Cor. 10:5), and 2. teaching her to be fully satisfied in You (Ps. 63: 5-7). I trust Kyla into your hands, God.”

So, there it is. I am lustful. I am a glutton. If I did not love Christ I’d say “That’s just who I am. I was born that way.” Yes! I was! But I am not satisfied with that! That is why I’m pursuing holiness. My self actualization is not good enough until my self actualization is perfected in Christ.

In conclusion, here’s me spinning around and looking at everybody else (because this post has been RATHER Kyla-focussed so far!). I want to treat people as I’d like to be treated, so if you want me to pray for you concerning some thing that holds you captive, call me! Or email me! ( I’ll put you in my little prayer book and bring you before the Father in prayer. Bless you all.

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