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Updated: Feb 19, 2022

It's almost time for me to publish my Illustrated Revelation book onto Gumroad and my store. After reading some thoughtful and insightful responses to my last blog post about what translation to pick, I decided on creative solution: multiple translations!

Do Not Be Afraid: Revelation Illustration

I hadn't thought about it until a friend pointed it out to me, but I've actually come across a bit of Bible media that used this workaround, too. I have listened to a podcast called the Chapter A Day Audio Bible, by Pastor John Stange. He reads through a rotation of different translations in his podcast. When I first encountered the podcast I thought, "how neat! I get to hear from a few different translations that I don't usually encounter!" and thought nothing more about it. But now I know that he did it that way partially to avoid treading on any publishing license issues.

Lamb of God: Revelation Illustration

So I decided to cycle through the English Standard Version, the New International Version, the New American Standard Bible, and the New Living Translation, with all the poetic quotes in the King James Version. I think it turned out well! I hope many of you find it refreshing and stimulating to be shaken out of whatever "normal" you've settled into. I think that matches the purpose of Revelation quite well, actually!


A Question for YOU!

A few friends have encouraged me to print this into a REAL BOOK instead of just selling a PDF (which is the thing that I will be putting on my store and Gumroad this week). I would like to start gauging how many people actually would be interested in a hard-copy of this Book of Revelation, so if you are a person who would be willing to buy one from me sometime, let me know! I'll put you on a list of People to Let Know When My Book Will Be Published. I may even do a Kickstarter if I think there's enough interest in this book. I don't want to jump into investing in a bunch of books if only ten people think it's an awesome product, though. So the more insight I get from my contacts and connections, the better!

Anyway! I'm excited to share the PDF on the store, and I hope you benefit from buying it, if you want to buy it. ^_^

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