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I am looking back on some really cool bits of outreach. One thing I’d like to mention is the amazing connect between physical and spiritual things. I had never thought that they were so linked. But let me tell you! When you are physically struggling, it brings a whole new level of spirituality into the mix. For example: when I was trekking up the Himalayas, I was in constant despair that I’d be able to make it up the next hill. My feet felt like lead weights, my heart was pounding harder than it ever does, my lungs were just TOO DARN SMALL and my eyelids could barely lift high enough to anticipate the next step.

And God said, “Hey, check out that lovely flower up ahead!”

And I said, “…. Uuuugh…. yeah… Nice…”

And God said, “There is beauty everywhere, even in painful situations. Just look up. I’m there.”

It’s not a nice lesson, but it is a good one.

Another thing that I noticed was that even though everyone was dead tired, when we got to our rest stops to pray, we were already so in tune with God because we had been talking with Him all day (I spent many a kilometer saying “I can do all things through Christ who strengthen me” over, and over, and over. He’s really the only reason I got up.) that when it got time to intercede for the people who live in the mountains, we were in a very good place spiritually, and our prayers were effective and Spirit-breathed. If we had stayed in a nice hotel in one of the villages and did our prayer, we couldn’t have possibly have been as motivated. We would have been comfortable and cozy, and completely disinterested in the people we were supposed to stand in the gap for. I’m so thankful for this amazing experience we had to do this trek! Though I felt near to collapsing at times, it was so worth it. The mountains are an amazing place to see just what our God can do. He is a reeeeally big God, don’t you know?

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