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My Theology Project Concept


So, I have a great project for Theology, which is to represent Sinful Man in either a five to seven page paper, OR a form of artistic expression. Of course I decided to do a painting. (Hmmm… writing, or drawing? Choices, choices… ) So I’m showing you the beginning and middle versions of what will ultimately be a piece of art displaying my concept of Sinful Man. (they aren’t done, in other words. I just wanted to share the process.)

My premise is that we, as a human race, are made in the image of God. We are a reflection of Him. We were created to be in relationship with Him – to reflect Him, in other words. He shines down on us, and we face Him and reflect His godly qualities as best we can. This is our purpose. However, we have free will. So we turn from him, and our lives begin to reflect the world. In the process, we stop reflecting Light, and start reflecting darkness. When we are looking to the world, we become blind, because we see the world through darkened eyes, and not with the Light of God in us. When we are blind, we fall. When we fall, we can do one of two things. 1. Die. The wages of sin is death. To turn from the Light is to face your demise. Or 2. We can surrender. It is so much easier to see how much we need God once our mirror is broken. We look at our shattered world and see Jesus standing behind us, waiting for us to turn once again to Him, and fix our eyes on Him.

Lord thank you for accepting my broken mirror. You reflect yourself all over the place through my fragments. In my weakness, You are strong. Let me always reflect Your glory. When I turn, let me fall HARD so I can see once again how much I need You.

I love you,

Your image bearer, Kyla

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