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My pursuit of holiness: Intro

I have a WordPress account, yes I do. Have I used it much? No I have not!

However, a couple of recent circumstances have reminded me about blogging. Furthermore, they have prompted me to yet again attempt and intend to start this one up again.

Circumstance 1: Everybody in the world posting articles and blog posts about homosexuality. It’s overwhelming. The article that has left the deepest impression is by my friend Kevin. It’s called: “Christians don’t need more blogs about homosexuality.” ( ) He and I seem to share the opinion that homosexuality is not the Big Problem we must all rally ’round and fight against. Homosexuality is merely a symptom of the real malady of mankind: SIN. I responded to his article by saying,

“We should all post articles about lying. Who even cares about lying nowadays? What about premarital sex between a boy and girl? Does anyone care about that? What about divorce? Old hat. Or this even more radical thought: Let’s post articles on pursuing holiness! Or purity! Or faithfulness! Or goodness, kindness, self-control.. (do you see where I’m going here? grin emoticon ) No-one would see it coming!”

Circumstance 2: My friend Scott said, “So, you don’t blog anymore huh? Where’s your blog at?” (Thank you, Scott, for being one person who reads my blog 😀 ) This made me remember my poor, neglected WordPress account.

So, these two circumstances prompted me to action. I have personally been seeking holiness and purity lately. It doesn’t seem like many people do this, or if it is it’s not talked about. Maybe that’s because people don’t want to show off their holiness, or they are embarrassed because they just can’t get this purity thing right. But I want to be holy, and I can write. So, I think maybe it would be helpful to document my meagre attempts. I also think it would be good to write down some of the challenging things I’ve been reading from John Owen, Paul the Apostle and Jesus. I’m even thinking about starting a comic about it.

Yes. I am going to blog about holiness. I want to be holy. I want to be perfect! But I want to get there the right way, not by my own strength, but by the mercy and power of my Lord. I’ll elaborate later.

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