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My Brother

My Brother

I hate to break it to all of you other people in the world who have brothers, but I have a better one than all y’all. (There is no point arguing. It’s just true. He’s the Best Brother.) My brother’s name is Colson. Colson is a man of sixteen years. He is a musician. He plays violin superbly, as well as trumpet, djembe, french horn, mandolin, drums, and the spoons. (and who knows what else.) He is an inventor, an academic, a theatre buff, a mathematician, a poet, a maker of riddles, and he’s pretty good lookin’, too. And what else? He’s also SUPER NICE! My brother was a bouncy, blonde, drooly, smily baby. He was super cute. He spouted saliva like no other. When he was two, he was already recognizing letters and saying them to my parents. He started off smart, and just went from there. Colson never displayed hatred or animosity towards me, his older sister. The only reason I ever got annoyed at him was because of my own immaturity, I think. I feel like I could have been a better sister to him. He has always been such a gem. When we were both in elementary school, we made a code for each other. My name was Ky-sis, and his was Co-bro, and we’d yell it to each other to tell each other that we were there. We still refer to each other by these nicknames sometimes. We would play “dragons” on the trampoline, and swing each other on the swing that hung over our creek. Once, I pushed him off, thinking he was still sitting on it. He had slid off, however, and had to cling to the chain for dear life, tarzanning over and back over the creek! I am so glad he didn’t fall and die. That would have ruined my life, I think. I thought I would trap Colson in a tiger trap, one day. I dug a hole in the sandbox and covered it with a wooden fence thing, and then with twigs and leaves and more sand. Then, I coaxed him forward, over the trap. He fell in and started to cry. OH NO! It wasn’t supposed to actually hurt! I felt pretty bad. Nowadays we hang out and watch funny videos together. We sometimes play music together, though because I’m away so much I don’t get to do that much. I’m so thankful to have a brother who adores me. I adore him back. He’s wonderful. I remember once a long time ago I got annoyed at him for trying to kiss me on the cheek. My mom said to me, “When you are away, you will miss that.” I didn’t really believe her, but my goodness did I ever miss it when I was gone! What other brother is sweet and kind like that? I remember whenever I’d be away from home and my friend would complain about their brothers, I’d look at them and think, “Gee. I wish MY brother was with me. They’re so lucky.” I always miss him when I leave home. I am looking forward to seeing how my brother turns into a manly man. He’s got a good start. His only flaw that I can think of is he’s too hard on himself. He’s a perfectionist, and if he falls short of his own high expectations he gets really disappointed. I just want him to know that I’m proud of him, and that he’s wonderful the way he is. And he’s going to grow more and more wonderful as he grows up. God’s going to do amazing things with that boy if he lets Him. I have faith that he will, too.

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