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I became enamoured with the small house movement ( a few years ago and designed a small(ish) dream house for myself. I loved the idea of living simply. Smaller house = less housework, you know? It was amusing to me in my own house-desgning process, however, to see how I expanded and expanded from my original design. My house of dreams doesn’t really fit into the small house movement qualifications anymore. It’s more in a ‘medium house’ category. Originally the house was basically a living area with kitchen facilities on one side, a bedroom, and a bathroom. Like a cabin! Very cute, very sweet, very lacking in storage space. So it became a house with a living area/dining room/kitchen, a bathroom, mudroom and office/guest room on the bottom floor with a loft bedroom. This kind of house would be very nice for a single person or a couple. I remember thinking to myself at the time, “If I live in a small house, I won’t be obligated to invite people over.” This seemed like a wonderful thing. Today in my Essentials of Discipleship class we talked about the biblical call to hospitality. Lately I have been developing a real desire to become a hospitable, caring person. I feel as if I fall very short of this identity. I mean, I wanted a house that was small in order that I wouldn’t have to host people! During class I started thinking about my dream house, and how now I might want to modify it a bit. Some things I’d like now are to have a studio attached for my art, as well as more bedrooms for hosting. Envision a large living area downstairs where people would socialize and fellowship, with a large table for gathering together to eat. Upstairs would be the guest area, where there would be a few bedrooms, a small library/breakfast room, and a guest bathroom. How lovely that seems to me, now! However, a big house does not make a person hospitable. There are lots of people who have big houses that they are unwilling to share with anybody, unless they are showing off. I am challenged today to start practicing hospitality. I have nothing! How can I do that? When I’m in university I hope to invite people over to my dinky little apartment for games and meals, even if what i have to offer is meagre. I feel that if I can’t invite people into my home now, when I don’t even have one, how will I every be compelled to do it once I have my house of dreams? So, if anyone wants to come to my dorm room, I will keep it tidy for your arrival, and I’ll offer you my chair. We can chat, and have a cup o’ tea. How lovely will that be? (When it comes to the tea we may need to wait a bit, though. I have to bring my kettle from home, and stash up a bit on the tea itself. haha. It will happen, though!)

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