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Comic Strip 1


So, here’s my first legit attempt at a comic strip. Here’s an explanation:

This comic is a combination of a few true stories. One day I was reading psalm 77 and thought to myself, “Hm. Well, what has God done in my life? I went through (roughly) all the things I could think of, from creation, to the fall, to the Law, to Jesus, to the apostles, to the puritan movement, to Menno Simons, to my ancestors, to my parents, to my siblings, to my adopted sister being re-adopted into my aunt and uncle’s family, to Malaysia, to CanadInns, to Thailand, to Millar… In the strip I only included the things that happened while I was alive (in the drawings in the sky). When I thought about all the things God has done that directly or indirectly affect me, it made me quite amazed!

Secondly, the mountain climb story is from a true story, too. When I was hiking in the Himalayas, I struggled ALOT physically. My friend Goi made sure to point out beautiful things around me to encourage me, but it took a lot of effort even to raise my head. It’s the same in my life. It’s so easy to see the hard times that are happening this moment and forget the big picture. There’s a huge story going on and we can’t know what our part in it will really be until we meet our Maker.

So anyway. I’m trying to experiment with style, composition and story style. I hope it was clear/interesting enough to capture your fancy. 🙂

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