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Choir, a memoir.

Choir, a memoir.

My choir journey has be a lovely one. Observe how happy I am with my asymmetrical collared, geometrically patterned sweater standing beside my best friend, Kaitlyn and my cousin Joel. Needless to say our growth rates were different. haha. That picture must have been taken in grade six, or something. Joel was a beautiful soprano in those days. 😉 I always was in choir, from the very beginning of time. I have been a soprano, an alto, an al-tor (half alto half tenor) and a full tenor. My favourite choral experiences were in CMYC (Central Manitoba Youth Choir). We did witty songs like “the Leopard” and beautiful songs like the choral rendition of the poem “The cloths of heaven” by William Butler Yates, which is still my favourite poem to this day. I think the closest heaven experiences I’ve had have been in group musical endeavours, like choir or orchestra. To have many people with their eyes fixed on their leader expressing beauty all in one accord and with one heartbeat… It is euphoric. It is so beautiful. Every voice is unique, and every person is special. If they sing alone it’s nice. But not so powerful as it is when you have a group together. People breathing the same, with the goal only of following the conductor to the best of their abilities. It is amazing. And to have different parts of the song correlating to make a bigger, more intricate sound larger and more powerful than themselves.. Ah! I just have no words. I’ll need to write a song about choir for a choir, or something. I think that the church should learn from choirs. We as the body of Christ have such a capacity for beautiful corporate functionality. How much more lovely would this picture be if it were the bride of christ, in all her complexity and diversity, looking passionately and devotedly to her King, her Bridegroom, singing with all her might!

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