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Arlington Beach 2010

Arlington Beach 2010

In 2010, after I graduated from highschool, I decided to be a Leader In Training (or LIT) at Arlington Beach Bible Camp. The first week of camp we had a camp-wide pillow fight. Sounds like an AWESOME IDEA right? 😀 I thought so, but about two seconds into the fight, one of my dear friends swooped down on me with a gleam in her eye, and smacked me strait in the face with her pillow. My glasses snapped right in the middle and fell into my outspread hands. Shocked, I blindly stumbled back to my cabin, wondering.. What on earth would I do without glasses? I ended up being known as The Girl With The Nerdy Glasses, which was a break from being known as The Tall Girl. I constructed a clever exoskeleton out of wire for my specs and affixed it with good ol’ duct tape. I was thinking of Arlington Today because they have today asked me if I would be Program Director there this summer. What a shock! I’ve never been a director of anything! The first thought that goes through my head is, “Wow. I was only an LIT there. They must be desperate for a director this summer.” the next thought is, “Is this God’s doing? Is He going to work through my weakness to show His strength?” I, after all, am not really qualified. I have gone through life serving God with my strengths. Music, Art, Friendly Exuberance… These things come easily to me. But organizing, facilitating, being in authority… THESE things, though probably possible for me, are not really in my comfort zone. So what to do? I have no idea. The choice I have to make is, do I get a regular joe job, go to a camp to be a counsellor and maybe arts and crafts leader, or go to Arlington Beach to be a director. I am not sure on the details of Arlington. I’m going to start corresponding with them via email tomorrow. I really would appreciate prayer for wisdom, and to know what is the best path to take. What path will bring most fruit? It’s not a choice between good and bad, after all. It’s a choice between good and good. What one is God’s will for me?

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