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Oof, now for a different part of the creativity spectrum. I wanted to represent two different experiences of being a creative person: the euphoria of childhood imagination, and the struggle and pain of creative block.

I remember when I was a kid and I would get utterly lost in rambling narratives as I played, and played, and played. The stories weren't good, technically. But they were so enjoyable, and I could get utterly lost in them.

Childlike Play is a super important part of creativity. If you don't play, you can get stiff and lifeless in your creativity. However, if you only play, it's a struggle to actually excel at your craft.

Liesel, here, is older. She's not like Kara. She's not playing around. She's desperately trying to communicate, but even in her own journal she can't find the Right Words to express what's inside her. She's in "the Pit of Creative Block." Why? Something must of happened to her recently to kill her confidence. Hmmmm...

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