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11-year-old Kara has just completed her very first masterpiece of fiction, “Journey of Faith.” To her, it’s the perfect story: it was based on a dream - it has a strong female lead - it has bad guys - it is heavily allegorical. What more could you want? She presents it to her family - Mom, Dad and older sister Liesel - expecting to wow them with her action/adventure allegory about life. But Liesel is not easily impressed, and conflict arises when Kara's pride in her story comes up against Liesel's quick criticisms. Can “Journey of Faith” - and Kara - withstand Liesel's barrage of edits?


Journey of Faith will make its debut appearance here on at the end of May, so in the mean time, you'll just have to wait! Or... you can join my Patreon and get early access to Journey of Faith. Hope to se you there!

Based on a True story of a real girl writing a fictional story:

2003 - journey_of_faith_back_cover.jpg
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