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Getting Around to It

In 2019 I took a trip to the south of #Taiwan with a couple of friends to take photos and claim the right to say "Yes, I went to the southernmost tip of Taiwan." It was a very typhoony excursion however, so we spent most of our time cooped up in our hotel room waiting out the storm! (You can bet I took that opportunity to #doodle my heart out.)

Lucky for us, we did get one day of sightseeing in on our check-out day, and I got a photo of this really neat tree. I knew that I'd want to paint it sometime, and now I finally have!

The first thing I did to prepare to paint this tree was to edit it a bit, creating a more yellow colour palette.

In the end some of the greens and blues of the original scene still ended up sneaking in there! I'm quite happy with it. I think I caught the moodiness of the day, and the neat shape of the tree. I hope you like it too!


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