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This semester my roommate and I decided to do a Facebook fast. It has been really healthy for me. I have found that, because I’m not on Facebook  I don’t get tempted to waste my time on the internet at all! HaHA! It’s very nice. I’m starting to read for fun, again, because I have more time. I’ve read The Portrait of Dorian Grey (very depressing book. Not recommended by me), The Story Girl (Lucy Maud Montgomery totally gets me), Speaking of Jesus (talks about how Jesus is the most important thing in the world. duh.), and now I’m reading Peter in Kensington Garden (illustrated by Arthur Rackham, my favorite illustrator ever!). Of course I’m still doing my school reading. Haha.

Anyway, I’ll be back on Facebook in the summer, but until then, I’ll just be doing fun things that don’t involve Facebook. Heehee.

Also, wouldn’t it be fun if Facebook involved art and drawing, like in this Retronaut article?

I’d be totally up for that.

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