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And now for a completely shallow post about shoes

Shoes! Glorious Shoes!

Every once in a while I go on an internet window shopping binge, and collect pics of things I wish I could own. I love looking on which has a great advanced search for the kinds of shoes you want. And they have shoes in SIZE TWELVE which is my size. I love looking through the funtazma shoes, especially. They’re so crazy wild! Another two brands I am falling in love with are Poetic Licence and Irregular Choice. Here are some shoes that I wish I wish I wish I could buy, but for various reasons (I don’t need any new shoes; the heel height is too high; I need to spend my money on better stuff, like DTS)

The devious ballet shoes are not ones I want. I just thought they were worth showing because of their utter awfulness! 😀


(I love these! Woo!)

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