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Kyla's art has always been driven by her love of adventure and her commitment to following the Spirit. After a four year term as a media missionary in Asia, Kyla began working as a professional artist in her hometown of MacGregor, MB. Since 2020, she has worked on a variety of creative projects including illustrating children's books for local authors. Her artistic expression has gone through many phases over the years, including explorations into digital art, animation and culturally contextualized cartoons, resulting in a highly flexible approach and perspective. She is never content with standing still and is always looking for her next artistic adventure. 

2021-03-18 - catch_your_breath (trees_in

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Browse Kylart's collection of original artwork depicting various subjects in watercolour, gouache and ink. Bring some beauty into your life and purchase an original Kyla Wiebe painting today!


Check out Kyla's illustrations for local Manitoba writers, Inktober selections, and Biblical art explorations and dive into a world of imagination and fun!

2020-03-20 - WEatherUpHere6-Interesting.

Comics are a wonderful storytelling format, able to capture all sorts of emotion, humour, and fantasy, allowing the reader to fully immerse themselves into a wonderful story experience. 

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Read about the stuff that happens behind the scenes as Kyla lives life, paints paintings, and muses about creativity, artistic expression, and whatever else comes to mind!


Check out Kyla's Christian art platform! Currently she is working on an Indian style good news story that is due to be done at the end of 2021. Please consider becoming a patron! 

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Contact Kyla for queries about painting commissions, art prices, where to buy her illustrated books, or general Kylart questions.